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Mission Statement

Through our love of the game of baseball, Camp for a Cure is dedicated to raising money to aid in the research and treatment of cancer, lupus, and diabetes. Camp for a Cure is committed to providing the highest quality instruction for youth, requesting- but not requiring- a minimal donation. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, Lupus Foundation of America and the American Diabetes Association.

About Us

4 Amigos - Paul, Greg Leslie and Dan
Paul, Gregg, Leslie and Dan

Camp Directors Paul Maytorena, Dan Leslie, and Gregg Adams originally began work on a way to "give back" to the community, through their passion for the game of baseball. As talks began, the ideas and goals began to grow. They wanted to create the best youth baseball clinic, with the best coaching staff, that Sonoma County has ever seen... all at a minimal cost, so no child would be left out. ALL COACHES have volunteered their time, FREE OF CHARGE. As discussions continued, they decided to take it a step further, and turn it into a fundraiser. All three Camp Directors have either a wife or mother, who have been battling cancer or lupus. Therefore, the obvious choice for all involved seemed to be to raise money to aid in the research and treatment- as well as raise awareness- for these two diseases.

In 2009, Paul, Dan, Gregg and Leslie decided to add the American Diabetes Association as a donor recipient, in honor of Tyler and Brandon.

Since 2004 Camp For A Cure has donated over $70,108!!


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